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Here's a little workout for your waist, hips and thighs. Don't forget to warm up first!
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About me

My name is Justina Searle, a Level 3 Group Fitness Instructor, Level 4 Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. My dedication to Health & Fitness did not come by accident; I followed my passion and made the best decision of my life to help people improve the quality of their life as a fitness teacher, consultant and coach.
My job includes motivation, training, accountability and continued support to keep you moving in a healthy direction.

I strive to provide an environment for you that allows you to feel comfortable as a 'newbie' or established exerciser. My belief is to focus on what you need to make the most of the time that you have and as a fitness professional I see a body as a body and knowing that all bodies come in different, wonderful packages, body image is never an issue.

I am here to help you get healthy and improve
the quality of your life, for the rest of your life.


“ I've always been overweight; my exercise was going out walking. Diet and a work out was not for me, I felt that I needed to do more but couldn't find the time or anything that suited me. A friend suggested I contact Justina who offers private classes in the home, I started Callanetics in December 2011. I'm delighted to have my own trainer at my door, there's no getting out of it and I always feel brilliant after my class even if I wasn't feeling great before it, I am now much more aware of my body. She started off gently and intensifies my routine to suit my abilities; I am going from strength to strength. I had very swollen and creaky knees, now I am able to bend at the knees with confidence and can perform exercises and stretches that were impossible for me in December. Not only my strength and flexibility that have improved; my energy levels have increased; I'm not exhausted at the end of the day, my posture has improved, friends comment on how well I look.”

— Strength & flexibility improved
“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in my late teens & I've always struggled to find exercise options that don't tire me out or cause pain or injury. Fibromyalgia causes exhaustion & pain, it's a vicious circle; I don't feel like exercising but a lack of exercise leads to muscle stiffness & spasm. After 9 weeks of Callanetics with Justina I feel great. I've found Callanetics gives me relief & my muscles are looser afterwards for 2 days. I feel strong & energised. Justina is an integral part of my exercise & healing process. Along with her positive & sunny attitude, she is attentive, considerate, kind & understanding with limitless patience & an innate sense of when I need extra help & support & when I need to work harder. She constantly watches & adjusts my positions to avoid injury; I have ultimate confidence & trust in her & her ability. If I feel stiff, sore or weak, she arranges alternative exercises & positions that work & makes me feel as though I can do it.”

— I feel strong & energised.

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I am based in the beautiful south west of Ireland and I work with people all over Europe.

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My name is Justina
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